Inspired by Monochrome Perspectives and Abstract Patterns From Around The Globe

Inspired by geometric lines and perspectives as well as the abstract patterns they create - I am always intrigued how impressive they shine when made visible in monochrome shades. Usually I share those images on instagram and you are of course welcome to follow but I thought why not share a selection on my new blog as well.  


Most of these shots have been taken while traveling for work or leisure and as you can see I am drawn to capture my surroundings in an abstract minimalist way. I hope to blur the boundaries and create illustrative graphics that you have to look at more closely to figure out what has actually been captured. Playing with the viewing angles and composition without major post production gets me most excited but what do you think of your surroundings? How are you getting inspired? 


Well, that's it for now but I am already working on my next post which will be all about the debate I went to last night - 'How to make wellness work '.

The world is changing but more soon!



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