Golden Cube Shower For The Last Day Of August

Celebration With A Concrete Cube Golden Shower by PASiNGA art & photography
Celebration With A Concrete Cube Golden Shower by PASiNGA art & photography

It is on an inspirational, personal and creative side that I write this post today. You see, it is an important part of my life to be surrounded by creatives from all sorts of areas, be it from a photographic, sculptural or architectural background. 


No wonder that I know and sometimes work with artists like PASiNGA and bloggers from even those areas of interest, the input we give each other drives us all. After, well by now, years of blogging for PASiNGA as a guest blogger it is my true pleasure to write my first blog post about this on my own young blog.

Sharing the creativity, the inspiration and maybe even the challenges one faces when your work is your life in many ways. But don't let me just give you my perspective read her August posts from the task to completion and judge for yourself!


She allows us to be part of a very personal month of creative challenges and exciting projects and celebrates this with a golden showered concrete cube.  To me it is empowering to see people who dare to be themselves, daring to do their own thing and throwing 'must do's' over board, challenging themselves and sharing that with us. Our world is driven by creating for others, commercialising almost everything and seeking approval from others so that I find it refreshing, strong and daring to do the opposite. Proudly sharing this inspiration with you I have selected some of her works below that inspire me most ....

'shine' by PASiNGA photography art
Shine - it's the little things that make happy
Le Cube by PASiNGA photography and concrete sculpture art
Le Cube - 16.08.18
'Looking Up' in New York by PASiNGA photography art
'Looking Up In New York' - 10.08.18

Sunday, concrete diamond sculpture art by artist PASiNGA
Sunday - 05.08.18
Drawing a line, New York Guggenheim by PASiNGA photography art
Drawing a line - 30.08.18
Playful Sunday, concrete sculpture still-life by PASiNGA photography art
Playful Sunday - 19.08.18


Have an inspirational 31st of August,

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