10 Or More Stunning Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Ten outdoor living space ideas for Summer
A charming secret city garden space / click for source

Summer! Time to create a living space outside! 


I just love the outdoors and feel so lucky to have a little bit of garden or outdoor space in London that I just want to make good use of it. I am a bit in-between ideas. The eco-conscious person is calling to create a veggie garden while on the other hand I am, or better we are, just looking for a place to relax and have a nice BBQ. Anyhow, point being I started to collect some inspiration on my Pinterest board and thought I can’t be the only one so I better share some of my best finds with you. Your feedback is more than welcome. 


So ideas range from a cozy seating area for breakfast to dining outside, maybe a barbeque or full outside kitchen or just a quiet walled garden for some reading and relaxation. I can’t stop thinking that to me any outside space, no matter how small or large, adds quality to our life and I just recently heard, gardening is supposed to make us happier and live longer. Well, I certainly hope that is true, anyhow let us connect with nature without traveling far. 


Left and below are some of favourite ideas which are all of course pinned and linked to sources, just click the image to explore more but I am not affiliated with any of them, just taking in the inspiration at the moment. 

10 Outdoor Space Ideas And Thinking Of Bees

I am not sure about you but London really is a jungle and my garden, although only furnished with a few plants, attracts a range of insects, bees, bumblebees, ants, spiders, the sporadic dragonfly and many other species. Besides that various birds and small animals appear to have good fun using my garden, especially at nighttime, my favorite little friend the squirrel comes by regularly to dig the plants out of their pots and the foxes and neighbors cats can’t stop themselves from starring at me with a face literally stating – what do you think you are doing here, get off my turf! So maybe I have to consider my planting choices to take this into account and allow for more bees and co, less fox if there even is a plant which can do that, don't think so but guess you never know ...

10 Stunning Outdoor Living Space Ideas
An eco-friendly roof serves as a roofing that's were taught in herbs, which lowers stormwater run-off and lessens air-conditioning charges

Terrace Space For Outdoor Living Luxuries By Heidi Mergl Architect


My recent designs, even the ones for the small footprint homes or tiny houses, have some sort of outside space [designs on the left and below are linked to the articles for more details if you like]. I did not focus on this while I was designing but it felt good and right when I read an architecture and wellbeing article. After all I think a deck is the easiest way of connecting to the outside, ideally blurring the lines between the inside and out. If you can combine it with large openings, like windows or doors, it will easily count as an extension of our living spaces. 

Outdoor Living Space Ideas By Heidi Mergl Architect
Modern Outdoor Space Ideas
Gallery Of The Godsell House By David Godsell Local Australian Mid Century Modernist Design & Interiors Beaumaris, Vic
Ten Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces By Heidi Mergl Architect
10 Modern outdoor living space ideas by Heidi Mergl Architect


Well, the weekend is around the corner, have a good one and I guess I will see you outside, Heidi

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