We are Antje & Heidi and we are a London based designer crafter and architect.

Antje is also the owner of 'pasinga.com' and Heidi holds currently the position of associate architect at WilkinsonEyre. 
This page started as 'heidimerglarchitect.com' to simply share some private thoughts and inspirations, of course, in regards to architecture and design. But your kind questions and feedback quickly came, so we took a little break and decided to take this little blog a step further to provide more answers as well as having a more fitting name to everything we hope to share and dwell on. 

Our main interest is of course architecture and building your own home. We are searching for sustainable and eco-conscious methods and options but can't do without looking at the inside of the house as well. After all, that is what makes a house a home. We are guessing you will be ready to assume that Heidi is doing everything architecture and Antje is doing crafty DIY and decor trends but you never know and hopefully there will be collaborations with others as well. 

In many ways this blog is from our family to yours.

- credit will be given with links to source/s where credit is due - and as soon as we have affiliated links included we will of course note this as well -