Crafty Decor DIY's · 29. November 2020
Autumn and Winter are most likely the best seasons to get crafty. Nature provides so much to be creative with and one is very likely to find the time, since it is dark early and once spends less time outside. Even more so during Covid but let's not dwell on it or its lockdowns but on how to spend the time well and make our home even more beautiful with these 10 plus pine cone crafty decor, dare I say it - feeling 'Christmassy' - ideas.
Building 101 · 12. July 2019
Small homes are most likely the answer to the shortage of housing and it is not just an architects topic anymore, it has rather become an open discussion. While some countries find solutions in tiny houses others build multi-functional sleeping and living cubicles. I am not sure about either and I am hoping to find luxurious small and smart home solutions - homes with functional design, driven to achieve effectiveness and sustainability.

Inspiration · 28. June 2019
Movements within the 70ies took the skyscraper design one step further and concentrated on eye catching building forms and façades to create an individual appearance to maximise the rate of return for the owner. One typical skyscraper of this era is the 197 meter high American Telephone and Telegraph Building by Philip Johnson and John Burgee in New York. Although skyscrapers have been discussed theoretically for quite some time within Europe ...
Crafty Decor DIY's · 21. June 2019
Let's build a deck or outdoor chair from reclaimed wood. Yes indeed, I have been inspired by the famous adirondack chair but drew up some plans for my scrap wood on hand. I think these plans would work for pallet or scaffold boards just as well. I added the plan or woodworking instruction as a free download below! As you can see below it all starts by sorting out some wood. I sorted and cleaned it a bit as well as and I had to take out some nails and old screws ...

Inspiration · 14. June 2019
It was the perfect treat to escape the UK winter this year by flying out to Miami Beach to enjoy some sun, design and the Miami Art Deco Festival as well as all its amazing Art Deco architecture. Even though I am mainly drawn to the architecture and its beautiful details, Art Deco reached much further encompassing the decorative arts, furniture, pottery, textiles, glass, fashion and many more – luckily all of these, sort of, go into a building though.
House Exterior & Garden · 07. June 2019
Summer! Time to create a living space outside! I just love the outdoors and feel so lucky to have a little bit of outdoor space in London that I just want to make good use of it. I am a bit in-between ideas. The eco-conscious person is calling to create a veggie garden while on the other hand I am, or better we are, just looking for a place to relax and have a nice BBQ. Anyhow, point being I started to collect some inspiration on my Pinterest board and thought I share my best finds with you

Inspiration · 31. May 2019
Over centuries London’s Skyline was dominated by church spires and St. Paul's Cathedral in particular, however since height restrictions were lifted in the 1960s a number of high-rise developments have changed the city for centuries to come. The skyline changes in a fast pace since 2010 and my first graphic goes back to 2012. It was the one for one of my first short guest blog posts I did back then.
Building 101 · 24. May 2019
Passivhaus is truly something to consider not just for a new build home but also when looking at a renovation project. It can not only be good from a sustainable point of view but also money wise as it can help keep running costs downs. So what are the key aspects of a Passivhaus and why am I as an architect for it?

Inspiration · 10. May 2019
I recently went to Germany to catch up with family and friends but also to take in the fresh and energizing air of the national forests and seasides over there. Well, as you maybe can guess, it didn't take long and I found myself snapping away textures, surfaces and abstracts which inspired me and soon after I was contemplating about the appeal. I have been talking about it in my previous blog posts, facade and structural elements are details I am surrounded with all day but interiors and so on
Inspiration · 03. May 2019
A New Building Type Spreading Across The Globe The skyscraper is one of the icons to be found in each American city, they symbolise power and wealth and rule the skyline of the most famous cities in the USA. They have never lost their uniqueness and started to fascinate the whole world so that even historical cities like London could not escape their congeniality - but where did this building type come from and how did skyscrapers evolve. Even more importantly ...

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