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Building 101 · 12. July 2019
Small homes are most likely the answer to the shortage of housing and it is not just an architects topic anymore, it has rather become an open discussion. While some countries find solutions in tiny houses others build multi-functional sleeping and living cubicles. I am not sure about either and I am hoping to find luxurious small and smart home solutions - homes with functional design, driven to achieve effectiveness and sustainability.
House Exterior & Garden · 07. June 2019
Summer! Time to create a living space outside! I just love the outdoors and feel so lucky to have a little bit of outdoor space in London that I just want to make good use of it. I am a bit in-between ideas. The eco-conscious person is calling to create a veggie garden while on the other hand I am, or better we are, just looking for a place to relax and have a nice BBQ. Anyhow, point being I started to collect some inspiration on my Pinterest board and thought I share my best finds with you

Building 101 · 24. May 2019
Passivhaus is truly something to consider not just for a new build home but also when looking at a renovation project. It can not only be good from a sustainable point of view but also money wise as it can help keep running costs downs. So what are the key aspects of a Passivhaus and why am I as an architect for it?
How to create a successful small space or how to live happily within a tiny house? I have shared many ideas about cabins and small spaces as well as effective ways of room separations with room dividers but the internal layout and multifunctional interiors, especially for small footprint homes are always a challenge. Of course there is one luxurious way which one can choose and that is to go professionally custom build. Boom. Just kidding, ....

House Exterior & Garden · 19. April 2019
The first warm spell of the year has arrived - what a delight - Easter weekend in the sun. I would have thought most of us are very happy about this and the warmth is just wonderful but everything has its downside. Looking around our garden I see the poor plants letting their heads hang down and I feel very much obliged to give them water. So I thought after we said all the good things about the sun and talked about winds and air flow it is time to catch some rainwater.
Building 101 · 22. March 2019
Realise your dream of a new home as soon and as sustainable as possible by creating an adaptable home. Here are some examples of how to get the new build thinking process started and indeed realise, one key aspect of sustainable design which is adaptability or you could also call it future proofing our buildings for the changes to come.

World Architecture · 08. March 2019
The other day I came across an article about off the grid houses around the globe and it made it obvious that one question to ask when starting to plan a sustainable or even off the grid home is what is your surrounding climate like and how many windows do you 'really' need? Total common-sense, right?! Well, that might be but in our choice heavy times we often have too many windows and technologies available, like air conditioning units, often allow us to ignore or overlook some of those things
Tiny Houses & Off The Grid Living · 15. February 2019
The design possibilities for micro living / houses appear endless, however they are rarely found as proper living spaces, homes so to speak. While researching for my next blog post, after having promised you more house and detail designs in three posts ['small footprint homes', prefabricated timber modules' and 'small bathroom design'], I found that small and self-sustained living is the solution for buildings in rural areas. Yes, indeed like the cabin in the woods.

Furniture Design & DIY · 16. November 2018
Nature will embark on another circle soon and the season helps me to catch up on some valuable sleep. And since I was designing some living spaces for my blog lately I designed this minimalist and multipurpose bed as well. It's basically a bed but rather than stopping there this design picks up some of the must haves for my bedroom. As such you can, of course, just lay down for a good snooze but this piece of furniture also incorporates a lot of other features.
Building 101 · 09. November 2018
Yes, here we go, the fifth post to my little 'Home Building 101' is coming right up. Indeed I promised and as things are, it is important to not just build but to build a home and if I might add build everything as 'green' as possible. So lets dive right into the massing of a building. I will be using sketches and design ideas we explored in my previous posts but it is for illustration only. You could, if you have, use your own house drawings and sketches and apply the following considerations

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