Crafty Decor DIY's

Crafty Decor DIY's · 29. November 2020
Autumn and Winter are most likely the best seasons to get crafty. Nature provides so much to be creative with and one is very likely to find the time, since it is dark early and once spends less time outside. Even more so during Covid but let's not dwell on it or its lockdowns but on how to spend the time well and make our home even more beautiful with these 10 plus pine cone crafty decor, dare I say it - feeling 'Christmassy' - ideas.
Crafty Decor DIY's · 21. June 2019
Let's build a deck or outdoor chair from reclaimed wood. Yes indeed, I have been inspired by the famous adirondack chair but drew up some plans for my scrap wood on hand. I think these plans would work for pallet or scaffold boards just as well. I added the plan or woodworking instruction as a free download below! As you can see below it all starts by sorting out some wood. I sorted and cleaned it a bit as well as and I had to take out some nails and old screws ...

Crafty Decor DIY's · 12. April 2019
I had a bit of time last weekend and felt crafty. So I couldn't resist but to do some DIY. It is no big secret that I am drawn to strong materials often with a minimal vibe so no wonder I went for this concrete DIY by PASiNGA. Let me just say, it is fairly easy and fun and I was straight away successful. I even went on, being the architect I am, in creating a larger hexagon mould of my own based on all the tips provided of course. Anyhow I am loving the material and have found ....