House Exterior & Garden

House Exterior & Garden · 07. June 2019
Summer! Time to create a living space outside! I just love the outdoors and feel so lucky to have a little bit of outdoor space in London that I just want to make good use of it. I am a bit in-between ideas. The eco-conscious person is calling to create a veggie garden while on the other hand I am, or better we are, just looking for a place to relax and have a nice BBQ. Anyhow, point being I started to collect some inspiration on my Pinterest board and thought I share my best finds with you
House Exterior & Garden · 19. April 2019
The first warm spell of the year has arrived - what a delight - Easter weekend in the sun. I would have thought most of us are very happy about this and the warmth is just wonderful but everything has its downside. Looking around our garden I see the poor plants letting their heads hang down and I feel very much obliged to give them water. So I thought after we said all the good things about the sun and talked about winds and air flow it is time to catch some rainwater.