10 Plus Pine Cone Crafty Decor DIY Ideas

10 Plus Pine Cone Crafty Decor DIY Ideas

Autumn and Winter are most likely the best seasons to get crafty. Nature provides so much to be creative with and one is very likely to find the time, since it is dark early and once spends less time outside. Even more so during Covid but let's not dwell on it or its lockdowns but on how to spend the time well and make our home even more beautiful with these 10 plus pine cone crafty decor, dare I say it - feeling 'Christmassy' - ideas. 

Interior Layout Idea and Design Thoughts for Micro Houses


How to create a successful small space or how to live happily within a tiny house?  I have shared many ideas about cabins and small spaces as well as effective ways of room separations with room dividers but the internal layout and multi-functional interiors, especially for small footprint homes are always a challenge. Of course there is one luxurious way which one can choose and that is to go professionally custom build. Boom.

Just kidding, sure some parts will just need to be custom in many cases as most small spaces are tightly tailored to ones needs but that does not mean you need to outsource. Sometimes a do it yourself or a mix of prefab and bespoke can help take control of resources like where things come from and options of up-cycling as well as cost. 


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Multifunctional living spaces for tiny living spaces by Heidi Mergl Architect
Concept idea of the folding bed to create a multifunctional room

Small Footprint 5 Shipping Container Home By Heidi Mergl Architect Sustainable Recycled Adaptable Design

How To Future Proof Your New Home With Modern Adaptable Architecture

Realise your dream of a new home as soon and as sustainable as possible by creating an adaptable home. Here are some examples of how to get the new build thinking process started and indeed realise, one key aspect of sustainable design which is adaptability or you could also call it future proofing our buildings for the changes to come. Even though I will be outlining these thoughts on a home this concept could / should also be applied to offices as well as retail as our working world is changing too.


Let us have a look at a family home first as I think it will be what most of us have in mind when we think of a self build. In this case future proofing could mean to think of a new family member needing its own space under our roof, a new born baby or granny for example.... 


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Micro Living and Design Possibilities by Heidi Mergl Architect

Happy Micro Living And Its Design Possibilities

The design possibilities for micro living / houses appear endless, however they are rarely found as proper living spaces, homes so to speak. While researching for my next blog post, after having promised you more house and detail designs in three posts ['small footprint homes'prefabricated timber modules' and 'small bathroom design'], I found that small and self-sustained living is the solution for buildings in rural areas. Yes, indeed like the cabin in the woods. 


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Multifunctional Furniture Design by Heidi Mergl Architect

Multifunctional Furniture Design A Bed And Desk Combination For Small Spaces

Nature will embark on another circle soon and the season helps me to catch up on some valuable sleep. And since I was designing  some living spaces for my blog lately I designed this minimalist and multipurpose bed as well. 

It's basically a bed but rather than stopping there this design picks up some of the must haves for my bedroom. As such you can, of course, just lay down for a good snooze but this piece of furniture also incorporates a lot of other features. 


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